Recycling in Canada is essentially a myth. We’re here to change that. Canacycle is launching a national recycling program. We plan on reducing recycling costs while innovating uses for recycled materials and saving the planet. Find out how you can join below!


Extended Producer Responsibility requirements across the country are changing, are you ready? Set up a meeting with us to find out how Canacycle can help you meet your EPR requirements. Our process tracks your products and packaging from the point of manufacture all the way to the recycling facility. In some cases, we can return the packaging to you for reuse, or we’ll process the materials for use in a new end product.


Start a deposit program in your store today! We tailor the program to meet your specific needs and send you everything you need to get started. Returning customers are entered into draws for vacations and sweet merchandise.


Do you love the planet? Are you fed up with hearing about Canada sending our recycling across the ocean for processing? Canacycle is here to help! Find a retailer-partner in your area and start earning cash back on your recyclables. You can even use our app to track the entire lifecycle of your purchase or packaging. If you don’t have a retailer partner nearby, you can send us a message and we’ll help find a way for you to participate!

We will sort and process all the recyclables in local facilities across Canada. The raw materials will be used in new end-products by manufacturers all over world, as well as in our own innovative products that we’ll be announcing soon.

Coming Soon

We’ve designed our own product that will help divert millions of tonnes of plastic away from landfills. Signup here for the latest innovations from Canacycle!